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In the year 1998, in reply to the incessant requests from clients of CWIE, CCBill was founded. The requisites of CWIE clients were trustworthy as well as user-friendly management of the subscription for their online business. CCBill took no time in becoming the leaders in access management and E-ticketing as well as rendering services to a large number of clients all around the world.

At present times, CCBill is a leading provider of Web Merchants along with a detailed package of services offered by CCBill. The comprehensive sets of services that are provided by them have been developed by the professionals of the industries who not only understand the extraordinary challenges of conducting online business but also the special requirements of the customers.

CCBill can be considered as a trendsetter of E-Commerce solutions. It provides a wide range of services to the online customers. The range of services offered by them is like offering the best quality E-Ticketing solutions, providing safety from frauds in advance, rendering polite customer care services, featuring high-performance billing services and providing an automatic management systems of passwords.

Implementation of the platform of CCBill permits Webmasters to pay attention to their resources on their own basic competencies like product development, site management and also advertising without worrying about the password and access matters.

To support the online business initiatives of the global clients, CCBill is sincerely committed towards providing state-of-the-art access management services as well as E-Ticketing. CCBill clearly understands the concept of credit cards and also of various payment industries.

Today, CCBill has grabbed the position of a trusted and reliable leader in the industry due to a flawless payment record, unique customer support and consistent problem solving techniques.

Customer Service

Ron Cadwell who was the founder and presently the CEO of CCBill had intended to create such a corporate culture which combines the technical expertise and strong and efficient experience of the industry with a focal point on Customer Service. A client-focused approach named as “outside the box” provides strong billing solutions modified to the respective business objectives of the clients all across the world. Such undistinguished focus on servicing and understanding the various requirements of their different customers along with robust innovative spirit is the foundation stone of CCBill’s business solutions. Such policies, strategies and strong business idea helps CCBill to regularly meet end expand the expectations of the clients.

Products and Services

The selection of an online processor is a very critical decision to be made by a business owner who wishes to sell its business over the internet. But after 1998, maximum merchants all around the world have relied on CCBill and have trusted on their services for E-Commerce processing needs.


For the purpose of gaining admission to an online entertainment site an E-Ticket i.e. a user name and password issued electronically is being purchased by the customers. The purchasing scheme of the E-Ticket at CCBill is very fast, simple and also very convenient. E-ticket gives the consumers immediate access so that new membership can be enjoyed instantly. It may be noted that a single consumer can get multiple E-Tickets and that too at the same time. The consumers can add a number of new sites to their shopping card at one single time. Usually, a single username and password is assigned to consumers for all the E-Tickets purchased by them during a single transaction. One thing that consumers should take care of is typing the exact username and password as were typed in the signup form. And if the consumers want to cancel their E-Ticket they just have to fill out the Account Form.

Payment Method

CCBill accepts MasterCard, Visa, JCB worldwide and Discover as well as any type of online cheque drawn on U.S. Banks through the On-Line Check Form.

Payment Solutions

The first thing required by a consumer over the internet is a route to process payments through the websites of the consumers. CCBill offers a wide range of E-Ticketing solutions that enables the website of the consumers to process payments efficiently, securely and reliably. 24/7 world-class support is provided by CCBill to their consumers. An E-ticketing solution includes advanced fraud protection services, automated solutions for password management and billing and authentication services.


  • Effective Box Office services are provided by CCBill for online entertainment and subscription based services and venues.
  • CCBill accepts MasterCard, VISA, JCB and Discover.
  • It offers different substitutes for payment, which includes telephone billing and electronic checks.
  • There is no set-up fee.
  • There are no monthly minimums.
  • CCBill delivers free subscription management.
  • It provides real-time monitoring and reporting of online transactions.




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Hours: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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