Helps you find new cars in UK

Title offers New Cars, Used Cars and Contract Hire Specials for car buyers in the UK.


BuyYourCar enables consumers to buy and compare prices of cars for sale all over the UK.

The website allows people to compare the prices and specifications of cars across a number of sections:

  • New cars
  • Contract hire & lease cars
  • Dealer deals
  • Used cars

This range of cars and different offerings is already benefiting buyers by driving down prices and giving them access to the lowest priced cars in the UK.

BuyYourCar has thousands of New Cars, Used Cars and Contract Hire offers, from hundreds of the top UK Car Dealers, Car Leasing Companies and Car Brokers. You can even sell your car from just £2.45

BuyYourCar is the only truly independent site in the UK that can offer this.






BuyYourCar - Additonal Information

The beauty of the site is that BuyYourCar is not restricted to a single dealer or group of dealers, or a specific manufacturer. This means that BuyYourCar can attract the best deals from any dealer in the UK, for every make and model. Of course, this is going to be appealing to the customer who will be able to come to one website to find the best price for the particular car they want to buy.

One of the main reasons the cars are selling so cheaply is because BuyYourCar by-passes rules that prohibits dealers from marketing or advertising their cars outside of their own region. For the first time dealers can compete UK-wide, they can sell their cars for any price of their choosing, not one set by a manufacturer. This increased competition can only benefit the customer. The site also enables private sellers to advertise their cars from £2.45.

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