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Buywell Just Classical -- Australia's Classical Music CD/DVD Store


The wholesale infrastructure supporting Buywell has met the needs of many hundreds of customers throughout Australia for more than 25 years. Most of their customers are retailers, whose ability to meet and satisfy the expectations of their own customers has been dependent on the quality of service they themselves have received. If this had been anything less than highly satisfactory, we wouldn't be here today seeking to provide you with a very personal, world-wide service that is now possible with the advent of the Internet.

Because of this, you will not find assurances of delivery by return anywhere on this site, though this is what we strive to achieve and succeed in doing on the majority of occasions. Regrettably, we cannot always guarantee immediate supply any more than our sources of supply will guarantee us that same service. But you can rest assured that we will make every possible endeavour to achieve a turnaround which is either by return, or as close to it as possible, and that we will keep you informed of the state of your order.

with a letter referring to your order and we will refund you all costs involved — the cost of the CDs, our postage and packing charges (plus Goods & Services Tax, if applicable) and the cost of your returning them to us. [Top]

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