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Timeshares Buy, Sell, or Rent we can help you with your timeshare needs conducts a worldwide marketing campaign that employs the latest in computer and internet technology. In order to drive the bustling marketplace of timeshare buyers toward your property we focus millions of dollars into search engine dominance, print advertising, direct mail, telesales to reach millions of people everyday, around the globe.

We have a talented staff dedicated to effectively matching your property with interested buyers. There are no commissions taken buy our professionals, no extra costs or hidden fees. You choose the asking price and keep every dollar! Your equity is yours!

Our highly skilled professionals work worldwide to bring qualified buyers and sellers together. Timeshare developers sell timeshares to people who did not initially want them. advertises to the millions of people who are searching for timeshares and looking to secure them at a fair price. The timeshare resale market is the only method of buying a timeshare at a magnificent luxury resort, at a sought after destination, for up to 80% off what it would cost to buy retail from the developer.

We will advertise your property and other properties to millions of people worldwide, so whether you are buying, selling or renting you have certainly come to the right place.

Services Provided thanks you for expressing interest in our services. We are a leading marketing firm that specializes in advertising timeshare properties, and helping buyers locate great deals on timeshares. Within our website you will discover that we encompass every facet of the resale experience. The superior advertising that we offer is designed specifically toward linking all buyers, sellers and renters together. Call us today, toll free if you have any questions about this often complex endeavor. 1-800-882-0296

Buying a Timeshare - Every advertisement displayed on our website is given a unique ad number. You may make an offer directly on the advertisement by simply clicking the “Make Offer” icon, or contact our contact an affiliated real estate agent directly by clicking the “Ask a Question” button.

Either method of contact will bring you the best performance has to offer. We understand that some buyers are not able to purchase a property outright. We provide financing through various financial firms to assist the buyer in acquiring the vacation property of their dreams as well as all title and deed work. Maintenance fees are in place to maintain the property value of the resort. Why would you buy a timeshare at full price from the resort when you can buy at that same property on the resale market for a lot less?

Selling a Timeshare - If the timeshare buyer or renter cannot visibly see your property being advertised, how will they know it is available? Through extensive marketing research found the most effective way to find a buyer for timeshares is to advertise them, and advertise them aggressively. Other companies may do some advertising as well but, and its network of domain names, has blanketed the resale market. Reaching millions of people every day, other competitors cannot compare to power of

Our customers receive a full page advertisement that is complete with pictures and an enticing resort profiles to attract buyers from around the world. Though we advertise in print, we have positioned our clients on top off all major search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing, etc.) to gain the most worldwide exposure possible on today’s internet-based marketplace. Being so far ahead of our competition is expensive, but worth it when supplying value to our customers. When selling your timeshare you pay no commission, no closing costs or hidden fees!

Renting a Timeshare - If you want to keep your timeshare and will not be using it, why not rent it out to someone who can use it this year? Renting your timeshare to someone else can benefit you by paying for your annual maintenance fees, and putting some money in your pocket. Our rental specialists are involved in providing the same amount of advertising exposure as the resale program, and are guaranteed to be advertised until rented. You will receive a full page advertisement on our website with pictures and a resort profile there to entice buyers and renters.

Company History

It was the beginning of a new era for Timeshare Resales, was born!

1999—In November of 1999 the legal paper work necessary to start a legitimate business was processed. was young and had many obstacles ahead. The first was to find someone that would lease out office space to 2 college students. Wes Kogelman, president and founder of explains “we found a space that was very cheap, kind of in shambles, but could support 11 sales reps with administration.” Once had the location, phones and office supplies were purchased and the working office was off and running.

Start up money had to be budgeted, so Wes and co-founder Jason Hamilton had to borrow a computer to make sure the company could meet customer demands. After a month of intense work the two entrepreneurs got everything in place to help timeshare owners sell their properties through an innovative website that would revolutionize timeshare resales. The business worked because two friends having the same dream—to help timeshare owners whom were desperate to sell their timeshare property. Hamilton quotes “Without great friendship and having our goal in line, we would have never made it.”

2000—The Company earned $500,000 in sales. The office was open all day, and just to reach our customers in California, we would stay open until eleven at night. Founders had a vision that one day the internet was going to be the wave of the future. So they investigated advertising on Yahoo and started a pay-per-click campaign that would help expose their customers’ properties to millions of potential buyers and renters. This was the start of our aggressive marketing program. purchased billboard space right outside of the gates of Disney World. Kogelman explains: “We had a world-class website that was promoted in major newspapers that throughout the internet. The business was growing, but we were still investing every dollar made back into the business. We weren’t worried about making money at this point; we just wanted to grow, to create as much demand for timeshare resales as possible.” The market was not yet established for the reselling of timeshares and literally paved the way to find the buyers and renters looking to sell and rent their timeshares for a lot less than the resort developer. “The hard part of the business model is that the resorts have aggressive sales reps that make people buy them by utilizing enormous budgets to draw consumers to the resort for a tour.” has the very same properties on the market for a lot less, and we know that intelligent people would buy timeshares on this full service marketplace. “We were on our way.”

2003—Google launched their new search engine that was going to give customers a better way to search for information. Right away started its first ad word campaign. The tough part was figuring out the science behind this new complex system. Wes Kogelman remembers: “We spent thousands of dollars a day not knowing what we were doing. Other companies were trying to blow our marketing budget by clicking on us thousands of times to cost us as much money as possible. Luckily for us we were one of the first businesses to enter the market, so we were able to invent new ways of doing business and adapted to change relatively quickly.” It was 2003 that decided to find a more esthetically pleasing location for the walk-in customer. So leased an office space right on Gandy Boulevard in Tampa, Florida. The traffic count there was high and the founders know it would help the company they had envisioned. With strategic long-term growth in mind spent millions of dollars on advertising, marketing and computer technology to stay up with demand. “We invested in programming to manage customers’ concern; this is what separated us from the competition—we had the answers people were looking for.”

2006—In January established a new office in Merrimack, New Hampshire. It was a difficult process setting up the office as well as trying to get new employees in a totally different environment compared to the Tampa office. “We soon found a few talented employees and slowly started to grow the office. The most interesting aspect of business development is trying to portray an image to new potential employees of how the business is going to be in 6 months to a year. It’s funny when you have an empty office full of desks and computers with no one at them and your first potential employee comes in, you have to say ‘well our Tampa office is busy, have you ever wanted to grow with a business?’ I promised each employee that we would grow at an accelerated rate.” Sure enough the New Hampshire office earned just over $1 million in sales in the first year. Experience provided the edge needed to migrate to New England.

Present Day—Between both offices we currently have an eclectic team of talented Advertising Executives and support staff. is currently one of the top companies in the industry. There are many changes to the website and many changes internally on the horizon. Recently a new customer management system has been initiated, along with an innovative program to help line buyers up with the property that suites their needs and wants. Timeshare Pulse is an amazing program that takes the searching out of finding the property of your dreams. It is the only way to buy a timeshare. Over the years the timeshare resale market his bee hit with bad PR because people have had unrealistic expectations of what their timeshare is worth. strives to educate each customer, and one of the first things conveyed is that timeshares are not an investment that you will make money on, but they are an investment in lifestyle, that you can enjoy forever. The only way to secure a timeshare today is buying on the resale market. At we have a selection of over 2000 resorts.

If you are looking to vacation, we recommend renting one of the properties before you buy. There is no other website on the internet that you will find better deals. So do your research and we will be happy to find you the property of your dreams. In order to stay competitive has to continuously change. We are here to swell timeshares, rent timeshares, and provide the right information so our customers can make the right choices!

Tampa, Florida Office

Our Tampa office currently has 37 Advertising Executives as of November, 2007 which is up 13 from this time in 2006. With the steady growth in timeshares we continually look for qualified employees. With hours of 9am to 9pm we handle thousands of calls daily.

Toll Free 1-800-640-6886
Local 1-813-902-9743
Fax 1-813-902-9613


Florida Address

5406 Hoover Blvd. #4
Tampa, Florida 33611

Merrimack, New Hampshire Office

In 2006 buyatimeshare expanded its operation to the northeast. This office is currently operating with over 27 Advertising Executives. Our New Hampshire office is growing at a fast pace and expected to match size with our Tampa office by year end.

Toll Free 1-800-882-0296
Local 1-603-883-8626
Fax 1-603-883-8628


New Hampshire Address

New Hampshire Office
30 Daniel Webster HWY Suite 25
Merrimack, NH 03054

Timeshare Pictures

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