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The U.S. business community is faced with a multitude of Federal rules, regulations, and information and guidance on complying with these rules and regulations. In fact, there are over 22 different Federal agencies providing information and instruction in a variety of ways. However, as a recent study indicates, the U.S. business community spends over 8 billion hours annually of otherwise productive time in order to research and comply with these rules and regulations.

The goal of is to reduce the time U.S. business community expends in this effort. is the single access point to all government services and information to help businesses operate within the parameters of Federal rules and regulations. This includes resources on compliance information on Federal rules and regulations; forms that may be either printed or electronically completed and submitted to government agencies; access to state and local government web-based resources; and additional information and services provided by the occasional non-profit or for-profit organization in support of the U.S. business community. is one of the Presidential E-Government initiatives created to provide better customer service for businesses interacting with the Federal Government. The U.S. Small Business Administration manages as a collaborative effort with 22 Federal Agencies that most directly impact the U.S. business community.

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