helps NZ businesses with free advice and business plans.

Free Business Planning & Advice

Operated by the Ministry of Economic Development, provides resources and business advice for every aspect of your business, from marketing tips to tax requirements. Available free of charge on one comprehensive site, makes it simple to get the information you need to make your business a success. offers support during every stage of development for small or medium-sized businesses:

  • Business plan templates and sources of business grants and other funding for businesses just starting up.
  • Advice to help you manage your business, such as staff training and successful marketing techniques.
  • Information on increasing productivity and international market research to help your business grow.
  • A guide to selling your business when it is time to move on. Information on government regulations affecting your business at every stage.

These resources are all designed to help you make the most of your business enterprise. As a branch of the New Zealand government, the Ministry of Economic Development is committed to making New Zealand a great place to work and live by helping your business succeed.

Business Advice

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