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On a beautiful spring day about three years ago, one unlucky burritophile was stuck for an evening in Lincoln, Nebraska. The burritophile was hungry, having driven from Denver that very day. When a burritophile is hungry, what he wants is a burrito — big, wrapped in foil, preferably with fresh guacamole. Unfortunately, he didn't know a damned thing about Lincoln, and was reduced to eating faux gumbo at a crappy college-crowd restaurant. While he was downing his dry rice with reheated okra and mystery fish, he had a brain flash:

Some years and hundreds of burritos later, Burritophile was born (June 2005 to be exact). It is a space where burrito enthusiasts can voice opinions about their favorite foodstuff. Let no burritophile go hungry again!

So I'm here. Now what?

Well, you're probably here because you're looking for a decent burrito. Our job is to help you out; nobody wants to be stuck with a bad burrito! So, check out the reviews and write your own. Burritophile is as good as you make it — it's all in your hands.

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