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  • Bonnie Lamont (delighted) : Everyone can actually learn how to paint without it costing a lot of money while you imagine and create. Learning brushstrokes from famous painters who have created master piece paintings, while being instructed by a teacher with passion for art can give anyone a chance to learn how to paint with Brushstrokes of the Artist. I love it! 18:38, 14 May 2008 (PDT)
  • Bonnie Lamont (delighted) : . The place where "Imagination is welcomed and Creativity is challenged, Brushstrokes of the Artist". Welcome to the official site of Brushstrokes of the Artist a trademarked product which is now ready to be purchased Internationally. Art education painting classes are now ready for us all to enjoy inexpensively. Royalties are paid to the museums and/or libraries of 8 famous featured artist: Van Gogh, Klimt, Monet, Manet, Perceval, Preston, Boyd and Fox as permission from them was given to Brushstrokes of the Artist for educational purposes. These classes/courses for up to 20 students are taught by anyone with a passion for art and the Teacher's Resource Guide which is included in this art kit to assist instruction. You do not have to be a certified instructor to teach a class. It is recommended one artist be studied per day. My goal, as the priviledged owner, is to help in assisting "Save the Arts" through painting, while inspiring the imaginations and creative sides of our old and young while they learn and study how to paint, through the brushstrokes of these famous painters. Painting has been proven to assist in the wellness of others and with these 8 awesome art classes, you have no choice but to imagine and create. Knowing that this art kit is to be used over and over again for each new class of students, the quality is premier, the 16 laminated art prints included, 8 of which are from each above artist's masterpiece paintings, 8 are of their details from that image, 8 student cards representing each artist, for every student, with the 48 page Teacher's Resource Guide. This International Trademark is sold through, just launched, distributed by my galleries of fine art prints and limited editions at, where 500 new art images are coming soon to the site. See the reviews of Brushstrokes of the Artist, an awesome, affordable way to learn how to paint while bringing 20 students together of any age. Be involved with the arts, and help us pay it forward by purchasing an art kit as "a gift" for a school, summer camp, retirement community, rehabilitation centers or a place you feel would benefit from painting, that otherwise would not be able to own an art kit. We all could use more smiles in our life and with this new way of schooling through Brushstrokes of the Artist, I know it will bring some smiles. As publisher of fine art, it would be a dream to publish art work from students old and young that learned how to paint through Brushstrokes of the Artist, and one day, maybe, knowing this art educational kit inspired a famous artist, who has yet to be discovered! Welcome to a great world, help us keep Art Alive. Purchase an art kit today. at. www.BRUSHSTROKESCORP.COM. the official site for. "Brushstrokes of the Artist". . . . 18:34, 14 May 2008 (PDT)

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