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Beatle Brunch


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Beatle Brunch is the brainchild of Beatle fan Joe Johnson. Joe was born in New York, and grew up in Miami. He witnessed the magic of the Fab Four on the Ed Sullivan Show in 1964, and was living in South Florida when they invaded the town the following week. The idea for the show originated in the spring of 1992 when Joe purchased a new car that had an in-dash CD player. It was on a long drive to visit family that he brought along a stack of Beatles CDs and listened with the volume turned all the way up. In the air-tight vehicle, on the 6-speaker sound system, the songs sounded fresh, new and exciting 22 years after The Beatles split. Joe wondered why radio stations weren't featuring The Beatles in a regular radio program, and decided to do something about it. Joe, a radio deejay and producer in Miami at Jefferson Pilot's Oldies Station, Majic 102.7 WMXJ, proposed the idea of a one-hour show on The Beatles to his Program Director. He took the bait and asked Joe to mock-up a demo. The show debuted May 31st 1992 on 5 radio stations in: Miami, FL; Indianapolis, IN; Rochester, NY; Baltimore, MD; and Laconia, NH. For the first 8 years, Joe built the market base of stations one-at-a-time, adding great oldies outlets like Oldies 100 in our nation's Capitol, 3-W-S in Pittsburgh, St. Louis's Oldies 103, and Detroit's great Oldies 104.3. But now, with Beatle Brunch currently in its 12th year, syndication is now handled by Westwood One, the nation's largest radio syndication company. Joe aligned with the great folks at Beatlefest (now called The Fest For Beatles Fans) to sponsor the show, and it's been a Fab Fun ride since. Today, Beatle Brunch is heard on more than 100 radio stations along the Westwood One Radio Network.
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