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Brown University is a fine example of a University who hasn’t always played by the book, yet has been able to achieve wonderful academic programs while keeping students happy and involved. They have seen their share of controversy from the very start by allowing people from different Religions to attend the college. They were also under scrutiny for changing their grading policy as well as for the partying that takes place on campus. However, Brown University is an Ivy League College who has always done well in the spotlight and continues to make the necessary changes to meet the challenges of education and student life.


Brown University was founded in 1764 in Providence, Rhode Island making it the 7th oldest University in the United States. Today it is considered to be one of the top Ivy League Schools in the Nation. The University found itself in a heated controversy due to the decision to let individuals from all types of Religious affiliations enter the programs offered. The school was built with the support of the Baptist Churches in the area who wanted it to be a Faith based University.


Brown University has a deserving reputation for providing students with the opportunity to receive one of the best educations in the Nation. They have been well recognized for the quality of their teachers, the research program, and the diversity of the programs they offer. Brown University is currently ranked 15th in the Nation according to US News & World Report.


The Engineering program at Brown University was one of the very first in the Nation. It continues to be one of the top ranking Engineering programs a student can be a part of today. They were also among the first Universities to offer studies in the areas of Computer Science and Media Studies.

There are more than 100 Undergraduate programs offered and 50 Graduate Programs. The most popular programs at Brown University are Biology and History. If you are interested in a Degree centered around Egyptology, this is one of the few schools where you can earn it.

In 1969, Brown University went against the grain of other Universities once again by adopting the New Curriculum. Under this curriculum, the only requirements are those within a student's own program of study, and students may combine course offerings to produce an Independent Concentration. In addition, all courses may be taken Satisfactory/No Credit, and the standard offering is A/B/C/No Credit.

Student Body

Students who want to attend Brown University find the admissions requirements very high and the competition is very stiff. The school ranks #1 when it comes to students being happy, but only 13% of those who apply are actually accepted into the programs offered. This is due to the overwhelmingly large number of individuals who submit applications each year. Only 3 Universities in the Nation receive more applications on an annual basis than Brown University.

Students are offered approximately 250 different organizations that they can choose to be a part of. The curriculums and student activities are designed for students to develop a sense of themselves as well as those around them. Brown University is also a well known party school with several annual events that have been under scrutiny for years.


Brown University made history in 2001 when Ruth J. Simmons became the new school President. She is the first African American President of an Ivy League School and she is only the second female to hold such a position.

Some of their more common media interactions haven’t been as positive. As previously mentioned, Brown University is a popular party school. The world got an up close and personal look inside their annual SexPowerGod party when representatives from the Bill O’Reilly Show snuck in cameras and the films were aired on TV. Since then the school has put efforts into place to tone down the party image of such events and ongoing parties that take place on campus over the weekends.





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