specialises in using unsuspecting wags then spitting them out!


Congratulations on finding British Forces Sweethearts the meeting place for all women with a connection to the British Armed Forces.Put the kettle on, pull up a chair and chat to other like minded women who are in the same situation as you.The forum offers endless hours of fun, support, chat and friendship with others who share the same circumstances as you.Click HERE to register with BFS. If you can offer any financial assistance we would be more than happy to use (ooops) offer "friendship" to you! :)

ALL LIES (Apart from the last bit!), THEY ARENT SUPPORTIVE, THEY DONT OFFER FRIENDSHIP COS ONCE YOU HAVE BEEN USED AND ABUSED YOU ARE THEN TOSSED LIKE A BROKEN PIECE OF FURNITURE THAT NO LONGER FITS IN THEIR LIL CIRCLE. BE WARNED! Ummm even more disgruntled ex-members! The list is growing by the day! Gosh the Administration Team on must be so proud! Slap that lederhosen!

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