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Title - You should be networking online. We'll help you do it.

Description is a CareerBuilder web site where professionals of all ranks, from CEOs to plumbers to interns, are promoting themselves online.






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What is BrightFuse? launched BrightFuse in February 2008 to give professionals a tool with which they could network and interact easily with other professionals. What can you do on BrightFuse?

  • Create a free, personalized professional online profile
  • Connect and interact with industry peers and other professionals around the world
  • Receive and display recommendations from co-workers
  • Create and add to your online portfolio
  • Join hundreds of user groups or create your own
  • Browse helpful networking and career resources
  • Keep your contacts up-to-date with what you’re working on
  • Earn badges for BrightFuse accomplishments
  • And more…new features are being added constantly!

Why BrightFuse? We want BrightFuse to help you along the way. Networking is tricky and sometimes intimidating, but it is also critical to success. Some helpful tips, resources, user prompts and feedback will only make it easier to do. We want our users to have an interactive experience with our tool. It is extremely easy to use, and the site will continue to grow with that as the main focus. We’re constantly racking our brains for new and easy ways to facilitate interaction within the BrightFuse community so that it is easy to build relationships.

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