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Brandy's Quilt Products, Inc.


Update on 12/14/2005. Brandy's first self-produced video is posted on her web site. This video is a 20 minute how-to on using Mylar Pieces Hexagons to make the traditional Grandmother's Flower Garden. More videos are planned for the future in an effort to make quilting more fun and enjoyable for all.

At the request of many friends, Brandy designed the Beyond Circle Magic template & pattern to be much larger than the original Circle Magic. This gives more room in the center for embroidery, fussy-cutting, redwork, or other embellishments and included with the template are instructions for the Exaggerated 9-patch center and a 2nd template that makes completing the pattern along the edges quick and easy.

The segments highlight the Grandmother's Flower Garden pattern using Mylar Pieces foundation templates, Circle Magic book and template combination to make the Rob Peter to Pay Paul pattern the easy way, and the Half-Square Triangle Whiz Kid guide to make quick and accurate Half-Square Triangles.

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