Utbildning och kurser samt rehabilitering hos Bräcke Diakoni.


Bräcke Diakoni is an independent provider of medical and social care in Sweden. Our aim is to give people the strength to cope with vulnerable situations. We create an environment in which people can develop as human beings and gain the courage to face life. Diaconal work is committed to compassionate caring.

We offer residential accommodation, care and rehabilitation facilities for young people and the elderly. Our commitment to learning and quality improvement in all our activities creates an environment in which our educational programmes can flourish.

Bräcke Diakoni is an independent foundation run on a not-for-profit basis, rooted in the Church of Sweden’s tradition of social commitment. This provides us with our values and sense of direction in the Swedish care sector. Our financial objective is to reinvest any operating profit, along with donations and grants, in developing existing and new activities.

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