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Boyut Construction is an established North Cyprus company building a wide range of products such as bungalows, villas, apartments and residential complexes as well as constructing for the commercial sector with more than 500 units under construction or at completion

The confidence we have in our product is clear by way of the 5 year structural gaurantee we extend to all of our projects.

Boyut Construction having undertaken numerous projects as a contractor / partner prides itself on customer relations and communication skills, striving to keep our customer fully up to date at every stage of development. This, above all we feel is a huge element to the continuing sucess of ourselves and our partners.

Why buy through Boyut?

  • 1. Access to a wide selection of existing and off-plan property, or the option to design your own with the assistance of our ‘in house’ architect
  • 2. Advice and guidance on all the practical aspects and introductions to reputable lawyers
  • 3. Numerous completed projects, demonstrating our high quality of build


The natural, unspoilt beauty of the northern territory with its mountainous backdrop, its dry, clean air, wonderful climate and warm sea make this one of the healthiest places in the world to live. The warmth and generosity of the local people, the virtual absence of crime and the miles of undeveloped coastline, including the nature reserve and turtle beaches on the Karpaz peninsula, all enhance the appeal of this region, one of the last ‘best kept secrets’ of the Mediterranean.


The Turkish republic of North Cyprus (TRNC) – created in 1974 – has yet to be recognised by the international community. Consequently, the economy has been slower to develop and property prices are now far more competitive than those in the south of the island, by up to 50%. However, following the United nations/Annan Plan (intended to bring about reconciliation, but voted down by the Greek Cypriot community) and admission to the EU by Greece and the southern half of the island, expectations of more rapid progress towards recognition have been heightened, and property and land values have begun to move sharply upwards.


There are several categories of land in northern Cyprus:

  • a) Clean freehold British or foreign title pre-1974 – internationally recognized title deeds
  • b) Turkish Cypriot pre-1974 – also 100% safe, but subject to re-registration by the TRNC Council of Ministers, which can take up to 6 months.
  • c) Exchange (esdeger) – land previously owned by Greek Cypriots who moved south in 1974. Turkish Cypriots moving north were allowed to take over these properties, after surrendering rights to their home in the south to the TRNC government, who assess values on a points basis, and hold property ‘in trust’ until a settlement is reached.
  • d) Turkish Mainland Deed – land awarded to military personal and offered to people in mainland turkey if they were prepared to settle on the island.
  • e) Land offered without title deeds, or where the granting of title is pending a decision by the TRNC courts, or offered on a 49-year lease by the government.


Land and buildings under categories a) and b) above usually command a premium in price for obvious reasons. However, most new properties are being built on categories c) and d) land with correspondingly lower asking prices. The degree of risk to incoming purchasers is generally regarded as low. If a settlement between the Turkish and Greek Cypriots is ever reached, it is widely accepted that only a nominal compensation payment.

However funds have been set up by the Turkish and TRNC governments to settle all claims at an official level. Meanwhile, the property’s value would probably increase by more than a half, as north/south prices equalize, either on re-unification of the island or, (more likely), outright recognition of the TRNC by the international community.


Since price ranges have been on the move for a year or more now, please refer to our current property price lists for the latest information. Generally speaking, prices remain less than one third the price of an equivalent property in mainland Spain.


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