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Dave and I created the Bowen Directory [ Disclaimer ] to help people find Bowen Technique practitioners in their area, or in the area of family and friends in need of healing. There are many doctors, nurses, massage therapists, and chiropractors trained in the Bowen Technique, however, many do not advertise their Bowen training because it may be only a part of their practice.

When I was injured, I went to many different doctors and therapist looking for relief from my pain. I searched for more than 4 years for pain relief. Upon moving to Florida, I found a new doctor, who was just recently trained in the Bowen Technique. He asked if I was open to trying this procedure to balance my Autonomic Nervous System, in hopes it would rid me of my chronic pain. After only 5 treatments my pain had completely vanished!

I found my cure, by accident! I decided at that moment, this technique needed to be shared with all. I created the, "Bowen", in hopes to provide an avenue for practitioners and the public to be able to locate practitioners in their area.

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