| Online Fishing Tournaments. is the world's largest online fishing tournament and community. Through the power of online social networking, the site connects anglers from all over North America, and allows them to win cash prizes by competing in fishing contests from the convenience of their favorite fishing spot.


State-of-the-art digital imaging forensics, unique patent-pending codes, and technology for measuring fish ensure the legitimacy of images supplied by contestants.

At Bounty Fishing, you can...

...Connect with other anglers.
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...Share your fishing photos and videos.

History was founded by Richard M. Shafter in January 2007 to provide the world's largest fishing tournament, giving anglers the opportunity to compete throughout the year against other anglers from across the continent.

BountyFishing is a trusted resource for anglers as a leader in promoting responsible instant catch-and-release fishing techniques. BountyFishing aims to be the number one meeting place for the global fishing community.'


There are four simple steps to follow to compete in any of the weekly tournaments at Bounty Fishing.

1. Register for an outing. If you haven't already, you must first register with Bounty Fishing by filling out a personal profile so you can log on and start fishing. This is a one-time step, and you can alter the information in your Bounty Fishing profile at any time.

After becoming a member, or if you've already logged in to your account, choose the tournament you want to compete in. New tournaments happen every week, starting every Monday morning and ending Sunday night.

2. Retrieve your code. Before you leave, you need to retrieve your BountyCode. A BountyCode is the unique, alphanumeric code of seven digits that verifies the authenticity of your catch. Make sure to take it with you, either printed out from or written clearly on adhesive tape or clean paper.

Now that you've retrieved your code, you can head out to fish! Only the longest (not heaviest) fish you catch per species can be counted. If you'd like to enter a longer fish later in the tournament, it will replace your previous catch.

3. Take pictures. Using your digital camera (it must be uploaded to the Web later), you are required to take one photograph showing the "Fish with Ruler" and another photograph showing "Fish with Angler."

Photo One, Fish with Ruler.
Fish with Ruler

Your catch (the live fish) lying flat with a measuring device below the fish clearly indicating the length of the fish and clearly displaying the BountyCode.

  • You must take the photograph from directly above and centered on the fish.
  • All photographs must be clear.
  • The fish must be lying down on a flat surface.
  • The fish must be visible from tip to tail. Any part of the fish not visible in the picture will not count as part of the length.
  • The measuring device must be clearly visible and must be placed below the fish as shown in the example below. Entries with the measuring device placed above or on top of the fish or where the measuring device is not clearly visible will be disqualified.
  • Total Length is measured from the most forward point of the head, with the mouth closed, to the farthest tip of the tail while the fish is lying on its side. The tail may not be pinched, compressed, or squeezed in any manner.
Photo Two, Fish with Angler
Fish with Angler

You, holding your catch (the live fish) horizontally, chest high and as close to your body as possible.

  • The picture must be close enough to ensure the fish fills most of the frame.
  • You must be facing forward with your eyes open and clearly visible. Sunglasses are not allowed!
  • Photographs of the fish hanging in a vertical position will not be accepted.

4. Submit your catch. To submit your catch, upload your photos to For Daily Codes, upload prior to midnight on the day of your outing. For Weekly Codes, upload your tournament photos prior to the tournament close at 12:00 on Sunday. Then you can check the leader board on their site. At the end of the tournament week, the BountyPrize could be yours!


Not eligible to compete in the online tournaments, or needing some downtime from fishing? isn't just a great opportunity to win cash prizes, it's one of the biggest online communities of angling enthusiasts out there. For all those who were unaware of the thousands of fishing enthusiasts out there just as crazy about angling as you are, joining Bounty Fishing will be more than a pleasant surprise.

Stories has all the fun and easy tools for you to swap fishing stories online. You can not only read and write fishing tales, you can vote on your favorites.


Don't just type out your best stories, illustrate them too! Even if you're not participating in Bounty Fishing's great tournaments, you can upload photos of your angling exploits to show off your skill and luck.


If you've got a burning question, need some advice, or just want to chat with some fellow fishermen and women, the Bounty Fishing forums is the place to be.

Blog, Newsletter and Radio

If you're in the mood to check out some great fishing content, Bounty Fishing has several things that might be right up your alley. You can read their blog, and subscribe to the Bounty Fishing 4e3ff5ecdecd3e14d9f89db51c5a1425.png: [}}} RSS Feed]. You can sign up to read their annual newsletter, or even listen to them on the radio show (you can also subscribe via iTunes).


Need some cool new gear? Bounty Fishing has a nice array of products - ranging from short and long-sleeved shirts for men and women to coffee mugs and hats - available through their Cafepress online store.

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