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I’ve been meaning to write about the introduction of nonces into WordPress for some time. At last I’ve waited long enough for someone else to do it for me. Owen gives us the skinny on nonces. The primary advantage of nonces and the reason we introduced them is that they allow us to eliminate the requirement that sending referrers be enabled. More and more people were being tripped up by the sending referrers requirement.

downloaded all of the packages, installed them, and rebooted the system into the new version. Athough there are improvements and polish everywhere, I upgraded mainly to take a look a Ubuntu's support for Network Manager and Power Manager. Network and power management for laptops have been notoriously complicated and incomplete on Linux. Thankfully, this is no longer so with Dapper Drake, at least on my Dell D810 laptop. Browsing and connecting to wireless networks is as simple as can be, and suspend and hibernate worked without having to tweak anything. Check out the Dapper Beta Release Notes for screenshots of Network Manager and Power Manager. Good stuff is coming our way in Dapper Drake.

Domas Mituzas exposes our database queries and their not-so-white under-garments. Optimizing our queries is long overdue. Although several of the performance issues Domas points out are already fixed in either 2.0 or the ongoing 2.1 development, most are still lingering and need to be addressed. After having a nice chat with Domas on IRC, we opened a bug to track the implementation of his suggestions. Even the small changes we've committed so far provide notable performance improvements. Combined with the performance work already underway, these suggestions result in WP performing faster at a lower system load. More bits served with less work. Thanks Domas.

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