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I come from a rich spiritual background. My grandfather came into the truth back in the 1920's. My father was baptized in 1939 and served as a regular pioneer and then Circuit Overseer or as it was known back then, "Servant to the Brethren." He then served as a special pioneer and he is listed on page 40 of the 1948 Yearbook of Jehovah's Witnesses. He married my mother who was serving as a regular pioneer. I was baptized in 1976 and started regular pioneering in May of 1981 with my wife. I have also been serving as an elder in the West Shore Congregation in Beloit, Wisconsin since 1988 - 5 years as Secretary and then till present as Service Overseer. I have enjoyed working with the purchasing of several Kingdom Hall projects. I've also worked on a temporary basis at Watchtower Farms in Wallkill, the Educational Center in Patterson, and on the assembly hall in Romeoville, Illinois. As a family, every year we take a group from our congregation and work unassigned territories. We have worked various assignments in Minnesota, North Dakota, Missouri and Kentucky. In August of 2001 we had the privilege of attending the International Convention in Paris, France and in Dec 2003 we were chosen as delegates for the Honolulu Hawaii International Convention. In July 2004 my wife and I had the privilege of attending pioneer school for those serving as pioneers 22 years and more.

I began binding books in 1980 because I wanted to improve on what was available. At the time the popular bookbinding company that most Witnesses used were not Witnesses themselves. Today there are others who do book binding - qualities vary. Also some allude to be witnesses or associated in someway but are not Jehovah's Witnesses. After observing a lot of different brothers and sisters Bibles and noting where these books broke down the most, I worked at improving and strengthening those areas. This was important because we get attached to our personal Bibles, "training" them to open to "pet" scriptures and jotting those special side notes in them. We want our Bibles to last as long as possible and to look as nice as possible. This has always been my goal and is why I started bookbinding. Please read the section on the "Art of Bookbinding."




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