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Click on and up you zoom into the air into the world of corporate governance, employment, retired employees, and above all, ethics and values. It is all about products, business units, services, and everything newsy about Boeing. Look into investor relations and you will find all that there is to know about merchandise and multimedia shopping. Fasten your seat belts and let us cross the skies to land into a fantastic world where the fairy godmother flashes her magic wand.

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What is all about? Click and browse. Get to be generally informed before going into the details of executive biographies, advertisements, and global corporate citizenship. In fact it is everything about the history of Boeing – from research assistance to tours. Boeing is a name – a name that charmed the world of aerospace long before the .com age of computers.


Boeing is the leading aerospace company in the planet. It is first among the manufacturers of commercial jetliners as well as aircraft used for military purpose. The story does not end there. Visit the site and you will find out that Boeing designs and builds rotorcraft, electronic and defense systems, missiles, satellites as well as vehicles that are used for launching. is all about the latest information and information system that it deals in. It sees to all the needs of NASA and therefore is its prime provider it operates the Space Shuttle and International Space Station. Innumerable military and commercial airlines get support services from Boeing. is a familiar name to more than ninety countries around the globe. In the language of exports and sales Boeing tops the list in USA.


Boeing did not come on the scene out of nowhere. There is a long history and tradition behind the success story. It is all about leadership and innovation to control the dominance in the heavens. Success has become a habit with It is still expanding its many products and adding to its list of services. Customer needs are emerging by the day. What are the capabilities of It creates new and more efficient commercial planes – adds to the members in the airplane family. It acts as a liaison between various military platforms, defense systems and war-fighter planes. It operates through a vast network of communication systems based on the latest technology, which touches every corner of the business units. Boeing empowers planes by providing connectivity on mobile platforms. The biggest surprise is that offers financial solutions to its customers and clients.

Guide your mouse to and you will locate its headquarters at Chicago. It employs more than 150,000 people in USA as well as seventy different countries. The story of Boeing is all about diversity, talent and innovation being woven into the fabric of its workforce whether on its home turf or elsewhere across the rivers and oceans. About 83,800 are holders of prestigious college degrees – with approximately 29,000 holders of advances degrees in practically all known fields of business and technical world. The talents have been recruited from 2,800 colleges and universities dotting the globe. The venture taps the skills and know-how of hundreds and thousands of skilled workers employed by the suppliers of Boeing globally.

The Website always manages to be in the news. Boeing Investor Conference Executive Presentations is to be Web cast. Wings for Boeing 787 Dreamliner were delivered to Everett. Boeing 777 fleet touched 1 million flights under the rules of Extended Operations. JetX took delivery of its first new Boeing 737-800 in Seattle. The stock prices of the company are always there on the web for the asking.

Boeing has a photo gallery posted on the web. Photo enthusiasts can make individual purchases for personal use by visiting the Boeing Photo store. To make commercial use of these shots the interested party must contact the Boeing Image Licensing. It is related not only to photographs but also to advertising or marketing materials, commercial web sites and the like.


Who conducts the symphony orchestra that is Boeing? Its employees, managers and officers of the corporate section manage the company. The leadership is given by the Chief Executive Officer under the guidance of the Board of Directors, The Board’s Governance, Organization and Nominating Committee from time to time reviews the performance of and its latest practices. keeps in view the long-term interests of the company and whether it is tuned in to the need of the communities, customers, employees, shareholders and sister concerns like the suppliers. To underline the importance of ethics, the board has adopted a Code of Ethical Business Conduct to focus and deal with issues relating to ethics, honesty and accountability so that can face not only the questions of today but also of tomorrow.



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