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BlogUpp is the all-in-one blog promotion service and selected blog network broadcasting via blog widget, social web auto-share, blog discovery toolbar and blog directory.

Name Origin

BlogUpp! is composed of two words, "Blog" and "Up(p)", and in this combination it pretends to stand for blog promotion or, in other words, increase awareness of a blog.

Website Details

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The service addresses Internet users from all over the world, and for that reason it comes translated in 10 major languages.

The BlogUpp! blog is originally available in English. However, with "Translate" Google gadget, it can be automatically translated in more than 30 languages.

BlogUpp! has integrated OpenID authentication, and so the bloggers can get into their own BlogUpp! stats module simply by specifying their blog/site URL. Besides being able to monitor their promotion details, in the stats module the bloggers can also acquire additional impressions after completing the payment through PayPal.

BlogUpp! reliability and scalability are supported by Amazon Web Services (such as Amazon S3), which aims to maximize the availability and efficiency of the service for anyone, and at any time.

Widget Behavior

BlogUpp! widget in action

The widget consists of the thumbnail of promoted site, and an extract from the latest article published on it, which are both displayed interactively. Initially the widget shows only the thumbnail, and when the user mouses over, the text becomes visible. The postings on blogs are monitored by regularly and automatically reading the RSS feeds.

The size and layout of the widget varies, depending on the number of blogs promoted in it (1 or 2) and the orientation of the widget (either vertical or horizontal).

Each blog promoted at a time within the widget is treated as a displayed impression. BlogUpp! operates an exchange ratio for impressions of 10:9. The one impression out of 10 is reserved for the service itself to display blogs which obtained additional impressions, and advertisers related materials.

When the 1-blog widget is used, then for each 10 blogs displayed in the widget the hosting blog automatically obtains 9 views for its promotion within the community. Whereas with a 2-blog widget, the views the hosting blog obtains double for the same number of readers.

Variations and Blogging Platforms, the video

The widget can be used on most blogging platforms, such as,,, and many others. For blogs hosted on it is possible to automatically add the widget into the blog, simply by pressing a single button.

Depending on the requirements of each blogging platform, the bloggers may choose the widget in different formats, such as an iframe (recommended for its light effect on page load), embeddable html, or JavaScript (through Google Gadgets). As an alternative, the widget may be obtained from Widgetbox widget gallery.

Advertising with BlogUpp!

Besides free blog promotion, BlogUpp! offers interactive advertising services, with the following advantages:

  • No account required to get up and running
  • Advertise through graphic and text ads at a time
  • Ads are shown millions of times on influent blogs
  • Users engage interactively with non-intrusive ads
  • Stats available, as well as Google Analytics traceable
  • Competitive prices and progressive discounts offered
  • Simple. Original. Efficient.

Contact BlogUpp!

Use the 'Contact Us' link from BlogUpp! home page

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