A blog by a Black doctoral student at the University of Michigan...Because more people read my blog than will ever read my dissertation!

In the year 2003, Dumi Eyi di yiye aka L'Heureux Lewis, decided that he wanted to read about things on the internet via a Black perspective. Inspired by and with the technical assistance of Rob Goodspeed [1],Justin Parr [2], and Mark Dilley [3]the first encarnations of the "While you were sleeping" blog were created. Soon there after, he changed the name of the blog because that name was already in use :( He wanted something simple, so he tried to think of his most basic condition ... Black at Michigan. And thus the blog was born. Originally the page featured University of Michigan resources, a calendar, a book list, but then Dumi got lazy and just reduced it to the Blog, which was originally called "The Black Blog" (another overused name). Now is whatever he feels like posting on, but 9 times out of 10 it relates to blackness in some form. He has had guest contributors in the past, but of late he has been too lazy to mashal forces for that type of battle! Any other questions hit him up at .

And yes, it is weird to write in third person!




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