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Provides analysis and commentary on the latest political and economic developments and trends moving and occurring among the Black electorate in the United States of America. Consistent coverage and in-depth analysis is provided of the latest developments coming from the U.S. Congress, Supreme Court and White House; the near 40-members of the Congressional Black Caucus; key election races and campaigns; and the latest trends in voting patterns among Blacks.

This political focus is complimented by in-depth analysis of Wall St. and the Federal Reserve, the Black publicly-traded firms, the latest developments in employment levels in Black America; the status of inner-city economic development; and the latest patterns in access to capital and credit in the Black community.

The simultaneous and complimentary focus on Black politics and the Black economy make for a unique analytical product that can help the client make professional decisions; investment decisions and become more well-rounded and knowledgeable of the political and economic factors that influence and impact Black America.

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