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Thanks for dropping by. Hopefully you have had a chance to view some of my auctions. If you have, you know I never involve my business in reproduction or commercially made items. You will not find those in any of my eBay sales; that stuff just doesn't interest me. My main interest has always been the history and development of US Small Arms Accessories, Tools, Publications, and Parts.

If you want to insure GI items when purchasing for the M1 Rifle, M1 Carbine, 1911A1 45 Auto, M14, 1903 Rifle, or any of the various Machine Guns, please add me as one of your favorite sellers. I am also an avid collector of Ordnance Documents. PS Magazines, Ordnance Sergeant, Modification Work Orders, Standard Nomenclature Listings, are just part of my interest.

None of my sales will have a deceptive description. I will never sell a reproduction item and claim it to be original. I have done many years of ORIGINAL RESEARCH from ordnance documents to build my knowledge base. I have also viewed many items by the thousands over the years, so being able to spot those "Just Discovered" varities that never existed before is pretty easy. If you bid on my items, please bid with confidence.

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