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About is a certified, online Canadian pharmacy that provides quality prescription and non-prescription drugs at discount prices – up to 50 percent cheaper than similar drugs sold in the United States. Big Mountain Drugs specializes in fast, secure online orders of name-brand and generic drugs, all dispensed by a licensed pharmacist.

Big Mountain Drugs is committed to customer health and safety, and demonstrates this priority by combining top-quality prescription and non-prescription drugs with professional customer service, stringent safety standards, diligent oversight and affordable prices. In addition, Big Mountain Drugs offers customers a 5 percent Drugstore Rewards Program, giving customers a 5 percent credit toward their next order.

Founded in 2005, is based near Vancouver, British Columbia and is the online face of Big Mountain Drugs “bricks and mortar” pharmacy. It is licensed by the College of Pharmacists of BC and the Canadian International Pharmacy Association, and it is verified by PharmacyChecker. The company also sells pet medications.


Specializing in the Spectrum of Prescription and Non-Prescription Drugs

The motto “better living through chemistry” is the sentiment that guides many of our lives. When you consider the increased stressors we regularly shoulder – from the economy to politics to questionable diets to environmental hazards, the picture unfolds to reveal a labyrinth of complexity that often robs us of optimal health.

Thus, relying on “chemistry” can be just what the doctor ordered.

Of course, purchasing prescribed or over-the-counter drugs can be expensive and, frankly, a little embarrassing. It doesn’t need to be. is a mail order Canadian pharmacy that provides quality prescription and non-prescription drugs at discounted prices up to 50 percent cheaper than similar drugs sold in the United States.

Whether you’re in the market for brand-name drugs or generic versions, can safely and quickly fill your order with reduced-cost medications equal to those available in the USA. offers an extensive list of drug categories, including medications for asthma, birth control pills, blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, erectile dysfunction, glaucoma, hair loss, migraines, skin care, men's health, women's health, and over the counter medications.

For the full list, visit their drug category pages: RX and OTC Medications.

The Benefit of Low Prices, the Convenience of Mail Order

The Lowdown on Low Prices

With increasing numbers of people regularly shopping online for their medications, more and more are turning to Canadian pharmacies because the prices are more affordable.

But why are drugs cheaper in Canada? In a nutshell: government regulations. The Canadian government encourages competition among pharmaceutical companies and, more importantly, regulates prices. As a result, brand-name drugs are prohibited from being sold at exorbitantly higher prices and their patents expire sooner, allowing generic versions of brand-name drugs to be available more quickly in Canada than in other industrialized countries.

For Americans in particular, it’s a win-win.

Pharmacy Rewards In addition to cheaper drug prices available in Canada, Big Mountain Drugs offers customers more opportunities to save with its Pharmacy Rewards which gives customers a 5 percent credit towards their next order.

Additionally, Big Mountain Drugs partners with, the largest pharmacy-specific coupon site on the Internet.


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The Benefits of Direct Delivery It’s hard to beat the convenience of getting prescription and non-prescription drugs delivered to your doorstep. Whether you have limited mobility, live in a remote area, or have a hectic schedule, ordering from the Internet offers significant time savings over traditional pharmacy trips. It also offers anonymity and privacy, particularly for medications that some regard as “embarrassing” or “highly personal”.

In all cases, you receive your orders quickly: First-time prescriptions take approximately 21 business days (because they must be reviewed by a licensed pharmacist), and refills take just 5 to 14 business days.

Have questions? You can get them answered quickly and professionally by a pharmacist or customer service specialists.

Big Mountain Drugs: Your Trusted Pharmacy

Being cautious when buying prescription drugs from Canada – or from anywhere – is prudent. With so much competition and confusing business practices surrounding pharmaceutical companies, being on guard is a wise defense. How do you know you can trust your drug orders with

Four reasons:

1. is a licensed drug store. Big Mountain Drugs is accredited and regulated by the College of Pharmacists of British Columbia. Its Candrug License is #18985.

2. is accredited by CIPA. CIPA (the Canadian International Pharmacy Association, is the only organization in Canada with a licensing program that certifies online Canadian pharmacies to provide drugs to the United States and other international customers. CIPA accreditation requires adherence to stringent safety protocols. Its member pharmacies have maintained a perfect safety record since 2002.

3. is verified by PharmacyChecker. PharmacyChecker’s online pharmacy verification program is the largest and most accepted in North America. The PharmacyChecker Seal indicates the online Canadian pharmacy’s credentials are valid. Pricing and customer reviews are also transparent.

4. always requires a prescription. Big Mountain Drugs will not fill an order for any prescription drug without an actual prescription from a licensed medical professional. Period. To protect your safety and your pocketbook, never buy prescription drugs from any pharmacy that does not require a prescription.

When you need a prescription filled or are looking to save money on your over-the-counter medications, take a look at and save the Big Mountain way.

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