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BACKGROUND BBm stands for Big Boys magazine. The magazine is 100% genuine made in Indonesia. Selection Big Boys magazine names other than commercial reasons, as well as an anticipation of this magazine go global.

9 September 2006 initiated, and rising prime in November 2006 in the form of the magazine monthly. Effective February 14, 2010 we expanded into cyberspace with

Design, content, brands and logos of BBm and is an asset owned RCmedia We open ourselves to any form of cooperation or franchise with any party in the whole world.

LICENSING Big Boys magazine published by a publishing company who named him PT. Bulan Bintang matahari.

PT. Bulan Bintang matahari (hereinafter abbreviated as "Company"), established the presence of Notary Early Lastari, SH by deed No. 01, dated 25 September 2006 and was approved by decree of the Minister of Justice and Human Rights Republic of Indonesia Number: AHU-02455.AH. 01.01.Tahun 2008 dated January 14, 2008.

The Company is a member of the Federation of Trade Unions of Indonesia based on the Decree No. Journalism: KEP.60/DPP-FSPI/A/2007 and Directory Publishing is registered in the National Press published the Press Council for the Region of West Java on the publication Monthly magazine as a publishing category Men's Magazines.

Other Companies Data: SIUP Number: 00166/1.824.51 valid until February 14, 2013 TDP Number: effect until March 3, 2013 TIN Number: 02.623.461.7-061.000 Company Domicile Certificate Number: 756/1.824.5/2007 Bank account : Bank BCA KCP Cibubur No Time Square. AC: 7400 729 888

Editorial office & commercial Address: Jl. Kalimanggis No.5, Cimatis, Jatikarya, Cibubur 17435th, Indonesian Phone: (62-21) 68 336 BBm (226), Fax: (62-21) 68 756 BBm (226)

PRODUCTS What distinguishes this magazine is "the power of content" about his education, which is presented with style and entertainment Edutaiment & Relationship unusual size, boys size: 17 x 22.5 cm, the unique impressed and interested readers. Not be an exaggeration if we currently are the best selling edutaiment & relationship magazine in Indonesia.

We do market research first (more detailed research on psikograpis readers: click advertise, magazine (media kit) while demographic research readers: click advertise, online). From the results of earlier research, we concocted a monthly magazine that conceptualized 'cross over', present a one-stop magazine. The essence of trend and incidence of 'ins' in the current month, the success becomes a first-rate eye candy magazine.

BBm peel everything that exists in the 'mind' the men, we potion into several sections. Such as: business, career, finance, girls, dating & sex, sports, gadgets, music, movies, cars & bikes, travel & adventure, etc.

BBm itself is a product of the press. It's not pornographic products. Content and magazine content is in line with the provisions of the Criminal Code regarding obscenity (KUHP), UU No.11 year 2008 concerning information and electronic transactions (ITE) and the UU no.44 of 2008 on Pornography.

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