Telecom Solutions & Test and Measurement: E1 Voice Data Multiplexers, STM-1 SDH Multiplexers, GSM Gateways, TDM over IP, E1 over IP, T1 over IP, Intelligent E1 Channel Banks, PRI ISDN (Q.931), echo canceller solutions, Multimeters, Multitesters, Clamp Meters, Precision Power Analyzers, Optical Power Meters and Energy / Power Meters.



Bhumika is an authorized distributor of Valiant Communications Limited and Engage Communications Inc. We offer a wide range of telecom transmission solutions including voice and data multiplexers, echo cancellers, GSM gateways, DCME (digital circuit multiplication equipment), analog thin route voice compression (DCME), T1 E1 converters, STM-1 and STM-4 SDH multiplexer solutions, intelligent E1 channel banks, E1 and T1 digital cross connect solutions.

networking solutions that focus on the dynamic market evolution taking place within the TDM and IP networking environments. The solutions include E1 over IP for Voice and Data, T1 over IP for Voice and Data, T1 WAN Routers, E1 WAN Routers, V.35 / RS530 over IP and SS7 over IP for signaling and monitoring.

Applications include solutions for Internet Service Providers (ISP's), Cellular networks, satellite and microwave communications, telecom service providers, PTTs, telcos, Wireless data carriers, Colleges and Universities, Advertising Agencies and Municipalities, Multi-site enterprises and corporate and private networks.

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