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The website Bharata Bharati » The Hindu Perspective publishes articles by scholars and senior journalists of interest to Hindus in India and abroad.

The website takes particular interest in the activities of Christian missionaries operating in India. Bharata Bharati » The Hindu Perspective was created in memory of the great Hindu intellectual and historian Sita Ram Goel, founder of the Voice of India publishing house. In 1992 he told Swami Devananda — Ishwar Sharan, editor of Bharata Bharati — the following:

“Hindu society and culture are faced with a crisis. There is a united front of entrenched alien forces — Islam, Christianity, Communism, Nehruism — to disrupt and discredit the perennial values of the Indian ethos. A new threat has developed in recent years in the shape of globalisation dominated by Western multinationals. All who care for India need to know what is happening, and what is to be done if a major tragedy is to be averted.

“In this fight for men’s minds, our only weapon is Truth. Truth must be told, as much about Hindu society and culture as about the alien ideologies which have been on the warpath against us since the days of foreign domination over the Hindu homeland.”

Bharata Bharati was opened so that all issues pertaining to Hindu society in India could be discussed in detail.

The articles that appear on Bharata Bharati are more than just news items; rather, they look into issues of concern to Hindus in depth and with thoughfulness.

And sometimes with irony!

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