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My initial ideas about the lay-out of beyond3d began two/three years ago. Dave Barron had started the first version of beyond3d and we agreed (with Kristof) that Dave had done a pretty good job but some things were not working. So I developed a pure html based website. We had a newsengine in the site, which worked for us at the time.

In 2000 I began to think things over. The lay-out of the site was not working for me anymore. I wanted Beyond3D to be able with the big players online. Our content was already on that level, only I felt that how the site worked and looked was somewhat of the past. I felt the need for a true scalable design. A lay-out which would work from 640*480 till 1600*1200. I did not succeed completely, becasue the design really works well from 800*600 and above. The colors I used are close to the original colors Dave choose.

But this time I was looking for a way to have a very dynamic site. With that I choose for the combination of PHP, HTML, MySQL and JavaScripting running on a Linux server. PHP is one hell of a powerfull language, which works both on the Windows and Linux platform (and others). This gives PHP a big advantadge above ASP, VB, MsSQL and Win2K. So with these tools, I developed a newsengine, an usermanager, an article engine and security. Lay-out and engines are completely seperate. So if we want to switch to another design, the only thing we have to do is make a new lay-out, place it on the right places. And the site works.

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