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In the beginning, Bestsellers delivered to a couple of importers, based on the knowledge of working directly in China together with several manufacturers.

Over the last 13 years, the way of doing business has changed. More and more customers are interested in different combinations of goods. Also, interest in China is decreasing due to the non-exclusive marketing by many Chinese manufacturers. Nowadays, items once exclusively developed for the market are now widespread. Bestsellers looked for a stability in this market, first by exploring other countries and then only mainland China. Since then, we have also set up an office in Indonesia which covers a different product range from China, and also later in Delhi, India. Many importers are unable to deal successfully with these markets. Therefore, we are able to offer our customers a better and wider product range. We also develop exclusive items for many of our customers. To do business in this way means that both Bestsellers and our customers must have confidence in each other. This is what Bestsellers stands for: CONFIDENCE .

Two years ago, we began trading with a big US importer, doing business in non-conflicting markets and introducing a new range just last year in lighting, CE tested and approved. We also found a new way of producing artificial flowers.

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