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Benayr Australian Terriers


My involvement with purebred dogs stems from a lifelong interest in horses and animal breeding. I graduated from California Polytechnic College in 1965 with a major in Animal Husbandry. I bred Thoroughbred Horses with my husband for many years in California. I grew interested in showing dogs in the 60's and started my dog career with Shelties. Over the years I have bred 30 AKC champion Shelties, concentrating on sables and building a well known line of dogs.

In l982, I became acquainted with Australian Terriers through my young son's interest in the breed. I have gradually developed a line of Australian Terriers and currently have bred nearly 50 AKC champions. I find Australian Terriers to be charming, irresistible companions and have thoroughly enjoyed my involvement with the breed. I continually strive to breed only from top quality individuals in the hopes of producing physically and mentally sound dogs that are representative of the breed standard.

My greatest achievements in the breed have been in producing top winning individuals such as Ch. Benayr Who Dat, a dog ranked very near the top currently this year, ATCA National Specialty Breed Winner, Ch. Benayr Reckless (1998) and the Winners Bitch at both the 2000 and 2002 Nationals. Even though the shows are great fun, my most enjoyable moments are those spent at home in our lovely country setting with my Aussies, but the best moments are receiving photos and stories from the owners of the Aussies I have placed in companion homes over the years. The sharing of this great breed is truly fulfilling.



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