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About BeerAdvocate & The Alström Bros

Despite popular belief, BeerAdvocate is solely owned and operated by Jason and Todd Alström. No big corporation or offices. Just two brothers and a hell of a lot of passion for craft beer.

In addition to founding and running this website, Jason and Todd host 3 world-class BeerAdvocate Beer Fests in Boston each year, are currently working on the launch of BeerAdvocate magazine, and plan on opening up Purgatory Alehouse in the not so distant future.

When he's not spending most of his time on BeerAdvocate cleaning up user mistakes and deleting forum posts, Jason also has a full-time job working for a major airline. His goal is to leave the world of flight lines and throwing bags, soon, to pursue BeerAdvocate full-time and one-day open up Purgatory Alehouse with Todd.

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Alstrom, Todd
East Boston MA
United States 02128



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