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Bebo.gif is a social website on the internet where people can communicate with their friends in different ways. is now popular as an online community which provides its users the ability to post pictures and share blogs and messages with there friends. The site is quite similar to various other sites like, etc. at present the site has around 22000000 registered members and about 5 new users register every second. According to Alexa Internet, is at present ranked 340th among various popular websites in English.

When a user opens an account at, he can use various online forms and customize his profile page as he likes. The topmost part of the page contains some general information of the user including his name, his photo and a short paragraph about him. There is also some miscellaneous information present about that user under particular headings. Initially there are default headings but a user can change these headings to describe his interests.

The profile of any user normally contains a whiteboard and a comment section. At the whiteboard, the friends of that user can draw different pictures and can use the comment box to write any message for him. Normally all the messages left by people on anyone’s profile can be viewed publicly but a user can also make his profile a private so that he can specify who all can see his profile. A profile of a person normally includes the following:

  • Quizzes and polls
  • Photo albums
  • Blogs and messages
  • Bebo TV Box
  • List of all bands of which user is a member

On 11th July 2007, an addition was made to know as bebo bands. It is a section where various artists or bands can make a profile to showcase there music. There is an another section called “new music on bebo” where various links are present to the pages of established artists like Kyle Minogue, Coldplay, Lily Alien etc. following are the contents of a band page:

  • There is a list of all the users who are member of that particular band. It is same as a list of friends on any member’s profile.
  • A list of people who are fans of that band. The list is named as "list of groupies".
  • A blog and all the songs which have been uploaded by that particular band so that other users can play them using the bebo player or can add to their play lists.
  • The bands can group their songs into albums and all the band members have the ability to edit the band profile.

According to many people is not good for children because the accounts they open are accessible publicly and they face potential risk from pedophiles as they can easily access the all the information about a child from his profile. A well known newspaper in Ireland, the Sunday Tribune performed an experiment where a reporter made an account at acting as a 13 year old girl. he was easily able to collect personal information of many other teenage girls. According to survey conducted by, one among every three profiles belongs to young people below 18 years of age and are publicly viewable.

However has taken various measures to make the profiles safe against unauthorized access. Users have now the option to make their profiles private in order to deny access to people whom they don’t know. Norfolk County Council was the first LEA in UK that ordered all the schools within its authority to block this website at the computers present in the schools in March 2006 as according to them it was being used for insalubrious activities.

According to Irish Independent, this site is ranked as the second best site in Ireland and the 17th best in UK. According to Hitwise, was the fastest growing social networking site in US in the month of June 2006. The Bebo keyword was also the most representative as per the search trends on Google in the year 2006.



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Gee, just what the world needs -- another kiddie pic post and group stupidity site to rival Rupert Murdoch's speech stifling Myspace & Fox "news" network.

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