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Founded in 1989 by writer James A. Clark, scientist Dr. Paul LeBlond and journalist John Kirk, the British Columbia Scientific Cryptozoology Club (B.C.S.C.C.) comprises a broadly-based membership of enthusiasts interested in the investigation of various animals as yet unidentified by science.

These include, but are not solely confined to the African cryptid Mokele-mbembe - a possible living dinosaur, marine and aquatic megaserpents such as those said to inhabit Loch Ness, Okanagan Lake, Lake Champlain and in the oceans of the world, nor are they limited to bipedal hirsute hominids or hominoids of the likes of the North American Sasquatch, the Himalayan Yeti varieties, the Almas of Russia and Mongolia, the Yiren of China and the Nguoi Rung of Vietnam. Our interests also extend to a variety of other unusual and wonderful animals that are not yet found in taxanomic volumes or in textbooks.

The BCSCC is commited to exploration, research, investigation and also to maintaining databases on cryptozoological animals from all over the globe. In this we involve our membership which is both broad and international in scope.

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