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  • Herb J (frustrated) : The supreme court's ruling has regularized the patchwork of anti-gun laws nationwide. This is good. What the court has not addressed is the problem of the downside of an increased number of home-defense guns. New gun owners will not sufficiently secure their weapons without instruction, making the guns more accessible to burglars, kids and the mentally disturbed. Home-owners in cities with formerly highly restrictive gun laws, like NYC's Sullivan law, can now obtain guns. This is very bad unless the localities require new gun owners to take a gun handling & safety course before being allowed to purchase a gun. For the sake of everyone else in the country, I hope so. And I speak as a holder of a FL concealed-carry permit. The FL course is essentially the police gun handling course and teaches that deadly force is only justified in the defense of one's own life. Anything less may result in another wild-west free-for-all, in my opinion. I sure hope I'm wrong! 14:32, 26 June 2008 (PDT)

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