information on how to have a successful greenhouse business


Grow Your Love of Gardening into a Profitable Greenhouse Business!


This 11 Section, Greenhouse Guide was written by T.M.Taylor, one of the nation's quality growers, to encourage and promote the profitable home greenhouse business of growing Annuals, House Plants, Potted Plants, Flowers, Organic Herbs, Specialty Vegetables, Trees, Edible Flowers, Tropical Plants, Fruits, Native Plants and Hydroponic Tomatoes, and other vegetables all pesticide free.

A Complete Guide to Starting and Operating a High-Profit Business that Benefits the Environment. If you ever consider installing a greenhouse, or already have one, this book can help you turn your expenditure into a profitable venture.

  • Growing Annuals, Ferns, Foliage plants, Holiday Flowers, Trees and Tropical Plants (Buy tissue culture for .60 cents sell 6" pot for $6.00 wholesale, $12.00 retail within 2 months)....

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