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Balance Three International is unique in that we have developed and own all of our herbal formulas. The Chinese have been using herbal supplements for all different ailments for thousands of years and with great success. Today there is no herbal product on the market that can compare to Balance3 Dietary Supplements for Health, Vitality, and Wellness.

Overview In making these health foods available to the public, customer satisfaction shows that Balance Three International’s Dietary Supplement Products - Are uniform and consistent high quality throughout the product line inspires confidence, trust and repeat purchases among satisfied end-users year after year.

Continuous investment in facilities and technology backs up Balance Three International’s leading position in quality products and ensures the highest levels of product value.

In view of this, our remarkable health product, our vision, with proven customer service, and manufacturing experience, along with our successful history, Balance Three International’s Dietary Supplement Products - should be your choice.

Patty Kane, R.N.C.S. President

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