is written by a recruiter to help you improve your career.

About was created by Carl Mueller who began working as a recruiter in 2000. Carl has interviewed hundreds of job searchers, dealt with dozens of hiring managers and helped many people find better jobs. He's found that one of the most interesting things about working as a recruiter is hearing a job searcher describe how well an interview went from their perspective and then have the hiring manager describe the same interview in totally different terms. Bailout My Career discusses various subjects related to job searching and career management from the perspective of someone who spent years working as a recruiter helping people find better jobs. Popular topics on the site include posts related to:

  • Resumes
  • Job interviews
  • Job boards
  • Technology
  • Hiring, firing and layoffs
  • Reference checks
  • Recruiters
  • Networking
  • Interview questions
  • Seasonal issues

Many more topics are also discussed in detail and we'll also talk about the various career resources that exist that might help you.

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