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On June 22, 1921, a group of 10 bankers from Buffalo, Cleveland and Detroit met at the Hotel Cleveland to adopt articles of association for the Bankers' Association for Finance and Trade. The original " objects and purposes" of the association included: "provide a medium by which its members may interchange opinions and establish uniform systems and methods for the conduct of foreign business"; "to urge the passage of wise and useful legislation and to oppose the enactment of prejudicial laws"; and " to aid the development and maintenance of foreign trade".

Today, BAFT's role is little changed from the objectives laid out by the founders. BAFT continues to provide an educational and networking platform for its members and remains a catalyst in the development of solutions in international banking legislation and regulation. BAFT's high-quality programs and conferences have allowed bankers from around the world to network, and to debate, discuss, and share issues of common interest and concern. Since the opening of its Washington, D.C. office in 1971, BAFT's international lobbying activity has contributed significantly to better treatment for all banks operating in global financial markets.

Within two years of its founding, BAFT membership was available to non-U.S. banks, and during the 1990s membership was expanded to include service members, vendors of support services to bank members. Today, BAFT's 150 members include U.S. and non-U.S. banks, service members, and non-U.S. bank trade associations. BAFT's U.S. bank members include not just large global banks but also regional and community banks whose customers are active in foreign trade, either as exporters or importers. The international activities of BAFT's members extend far beyond foreign trade, and include the global capital markets, global custody, and global payments businesses.

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