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To bring democracy and freedom to the people of Burma who are constantly struggling against the most repressive military regime, patriotic activists from San Francisco Bay Area have unanimously joined forces and formed an umbrella organization named "Burmese American Democratic Alliance" (BADA) on January 7,2001.

BADA's central committee members will plan, steer, organize and coordinate various nonviolent activities to achieve its ultimate goal for the establishment of democratic process in Burma.

We are Burmese, Burmese American and American activists from San Francisco Bay Area working towards Democracy and Human Rights in Burma. Our hearts go out to Burmese people who are suffering under the most repressive and brutal regime on earth. We have done numerous activities and efforts for Burma. We also realize the need to solidify our self so that we are stronger and more effective. With that in mind, we started working towards forming an organization that somehow accommodate all the forces in this area. Over five months period, we have held three mass meetings and five working committee meetings. During our second mass meeting, we have voted that the structure of new organization be an umbrella organization that includes organizations and individuals as its members. Finally, on Jan 7, 2001, at our last mass meeting, Burmese American Democratic Alliance was formed. We have democratically voted our organization name as well as central committee members.

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Maung N Than
Alameda CA
United States 94501

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