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Backup Expert is powerful backing up software to make a protected copy of any critical data on your computer


Back Up Important Data Before your Computer Crashes!

Computer crashes and hard disk failures are an unfortunate matter of "when", and not "if". Prepare yourself for upcoming system crash, minimize your losses and save time on restoring your PC back to full operation!


Backup As Easy As One-Two-Three!

Today anyone is able to do secure backups with absolutely no specific skills or knowledge of the high-tech industry thanks to the new generation of backup tools. Backup Expert makes creating data backups much easier than even downloading a tune from the Internet and listening to it on an MP3 player. It saves all your files and settings, including digital pictures, music, shortcuts, email messages and accounts, documents, texts and spreadsheets, and even your Windows desktop background onto external storage.

Where to Store My Backup? Shall I Choose CD, DVD, Flash or FTP?

Backup Expert can burn your data on a CD or DVD, save it to a USB flash card or stick, store it on a USB hard drive, or even use a remote computer on a local network or over the Internet to store your data over FTP!

Don't Push Your Luck!

Can you afford not having your home insured? Can you drive a car without insurance? Stop taking chances with your important data! Back up your documents and settings easily and securely with Backup Expert software. Download a free evaluation copy of Backup Expert now and protect yourself against data loss and hardware failures.


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