If you are worried about STDs, the Thermae may not be the place for you to party. It has been said, although it's totally unsubstantiated, that many of the girls at the Thermae are HIV positive or have full blown AIDS. There is absolutely no way of confirming this but as long as you take adequate precautions, this shouldn’t be a huge concern. The bar girls who come to the Thermae shouldn't pose too many problems but the freelancers, who often seem to have a naive attitude about such things will often be happy to go with you without a condom. And how many guys before you did she do without a condom? Important note: As at early 2001, I can confirm that there are at least two girls who go to the Thermae who have tested HIV+ and this I know for a 100% fact. They know their HIV status and continue working, fully aware that they may pass the disease on. Whether or not they are careful and use condoms, who knows? But given that I would only know a handful of girls at the Thermae, knowing two that have HIV makes one wonder about how many others have the dreaded disease.


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