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Boston is a private college that is also the oldest Jesuit Catholic College in the United States. The school started out in 1864 with only 3 teachers and 22 students. The numbers in both areas have grown dramatically since that time. The school was founded due to the number of students at Harvard University who felt their Catholic beliefs were discriminated against.

The school has also adapted to changes as society demands them. After 70 years as being known as a college for Liberal Arts, Philosophy, and Religion, it decided to add many other programs for students to choose from.

Boston College was one of the first to accept women through its doors. In fact, they were encouraged to apply. In 1927, one woman earned her Bachelors Degree and 15 earned a Masters Degree. This was quite an accomplishment for women everywhere.


Boston College has a strong reputation for offering a faculty to teach students who are dedicated to both teaching and continued research efforts. This has led the school to earning over $44 million in research grants last year. Boston college is committed to providing each student with a quality curriculum, and it shows in both the number of students applying and the number of students who continue their education and graduate.

Best Programs

Currently, the programs offered at Boston College rank 34th in the Nation. There are 50 fields of study students can choose from and there are 7 schools. Students can earn their Bachelors, Masters, or PhD.


More than 12,500 students are in attendance at Boston College with 4,000 of them enrolled in Graduate programs. The number of applicants for the Undergraduate programs have increased by 43% in the past 10 years, making the entrance process more difficult all the time for those wishing to attend.

Media Attention

Since it was founded, Boston College has been up to the challenge of making their campus and curriculums the best around. In 1997 they ran a public campaign to make their education programs stronger and to incorporate more of the Jesuit Catholic Faith while making campus life better for all students. This campaign was called Advancing the Legacy.

They started a new campaign in 1999 called The Campaign for Boston College, which included finding more ways to offer financial aid to their students, constructing a new student center, and expanding their library.

In 2005 the media was very interested that students at a Religious college held a rally for the rights of gays and lesbians. Their efforts were done to get these individuals acknowledged and covered by the schools statement to of non-discrimination.




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