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Bbbonline is a branch of Council of Better Business Bureaus, stationed in Arlington USA. The latter deals exclusively with issues related to the web. There are other allied branches, the details of which are available online, together with its own contact information on its website.

The main line about is its commitment to Reliability and Privacy Seal programmes. The idea is to gain the trust and confidence of online clients. Only those companies and groups are allowed to advertise their services and products, displaying the accredited seal after Bbbonline team has evaluated them. The seal is a stamp of approval certifying that the company is a member of its local Better Business Bureau.


The Bbbonline seal affirms that the company observes what it preaches in its advertisements and is committed to serve its customers. It is also a pledge that the company is sincere about the matter of privacy and that it guards zealously all the information that comes in through its site. The web site is user friendly with various points from which the browser can get details about the seal, how to apply for it, lodge complaints, get a report or send an email. Everything is just a click away.


The primary concern of Bbbonline is data security. The threats to it are publicized and not unknown. It concerns hacking, virus, spy-ware, loss of date etc. For the small business tackling it is a difficult challenge – a challenge that cannot be ignored. If it is not met then the consequences can be grave. The company loses out on being able to handle credit cards, the financial data of customers and be able to identify larceny. In other words the company will just have to pack up and go. Rather unnerving! But the face of the enemy has to be met. There is no point being an ostrich – one has to stand up to it. Bbbonline gives that protection. Good news for Bbbonline participants is that the compliance test mandated by the payment card industry (PCIDSS –Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards) is free.

A new initiative has been taken by Better Business Bureau, which has made the problems related to security and privacy more simple. There has been a linkup with renowned experts dealing in privacy and security to improve the threat to data that all business houses are facing today. Specifically Bbonline in conjunction with ScanAlert is prowling around to catch offenders. The standards of approach have been adopted by Visa, MasterCard, American Express and DiscoverCard. At the time of reporting ScanAlert had more than 100,000 under its wings. The partnership also is about the use of Hacker Safe seal. Nearly 70,000 business groups have been certified with it. It is not just about pointing out encryption but also it points out all the existing weak points. The approach to security is thus comprehensive, taking into account both offline and online points of attack. It involves shredding documents, instant background checking of employees and not answering to emails that are phishing.

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Till April 2006 more than 25,000 companies in USA and Canada have joined the Bbonline family. Electronic business is growing globally. Business houses must be prepared to meet the opportunities with its challenges. Customers availing of online shopping must also go about protected against cyber age pickpockets and thieves. Internet Education Foundation makes the sellers and buyers computer literate in this age of e-commerce.

Bbb is on the prowl for bad businesses. In a particular instance, a financial company (Blue Hippo Funding) tempted customers with low credit ratings to buy electronic instruments via the instalment route. Over 1,400 complaints have been located from nearly 50 states. Due to its disappointing performance the company has been marked ‘unsatisfactory’. Bbb is giving out warning to people about the ‘free’ offers that mislead customers to buy anything from ordinary gift cards to costly iPods and laptop computers. Complaints are that despite jumping over many hurdles, which included initial purchases of items and roping in names of friends, the ‘free’ gifts never showed up. Pet lovers were forewarned about scams in the market dealing with sale of puppies, fake cheque scams etc. Bbb gives advice about filing tax returns to stall false refund promises and flashes the red light about spreading free loans scams that are spreading like wildfire. Another zone of danger pointed out by Bbb is the growing concern and complaints about Dinar investments.

Bbb system ranks highest among 100 million in the same field of service.




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Council of Better Business Bureaus, Inc.
+1 703 247 9349, Fax: +1 703 525 8277

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