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Owned and operated by,, is an advertising technology that delivers above grade performance for various marketers across different types of advertising medium. One of the services that we provide to our clients is our advertising network, which connects advertisers and email publishers to the consumer, who in return may benefit from the advertisers' promotions and other special offers.

If you have received an email with the as a link, it is important to understand that and the advertiser are not directly responsible for the email you received that contains the advertisement with as the domain name. An email publisher sent you the email because you are subscribed to their mailing list. Both and our Advertisers want to insure that you receive only the emails for which you have opted in.

If you feel you have received an unsolicited email and that email contains an advertisement with the in the URL, follow the email publisher's unsubscribe (opt-out) procedures contained in the email. All emails with content that contain advertisements with the domain name must have clear and proven instructions for opting-out from that email publisher's lists. Due to the nature of databases, the unsubscribe process may take up to 48 hours to complete. If, after this time, you continue to receive emails from the SAME email publisher, try going to the email publisher's website and contacting them directly. If this does not yield a stop to the emails, we can assist in getting you removed from the publisher's email list. However, because we do not control any part of the email publisher's mailing process, we do not guarantee results. If the email publisher uses advertisements supplied by's advertising clients, we can try additional means and pressure to contact them and resolve any opt-out requests provided.

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