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Award Annals is where creative works judged the best of their kind are documented and ranked. The site ranks over 10,000 creative works that have received some of over 180 book awards, film awards, and music awards. Best of all, the wiki format will allow you to add your favorite literary prize to the site and ensure it is well-documented.

The main feature of the site is the Honor Roll: a ranked list derived from the literary award cross-reference database. Whenever a creative work is nominated for an honor, the event is recorded in the annals. Nominated works are given a score for receiving the honor. A work that has garnered several honors will have a higher score, and appear nearer the top of applicable honor rolls.

Who needs it?

What is Award Annals really good for?

When a creative work receives recognition, there are press releases from the award organization, and probably from the creator or seller. Do you really want to sift through all those bits of information to choose a good one that you can acquire and enjoy?

The Award Annals honor roll is unique on the internet. It's uniqueness may be due to the amount work required to collect and cross reference the information, and perhaps due the the rewards for that work being...of the un-spendable type.

Award Annals was initially designed for readers looking for high-quality literature. The honor rolls display information you would see when browsing a bookstore shelf: cover art and synopsis. But all the books in an honor roll have been pre-judged—either by a panel of literary experts or by a gathering of fans. And those at the top of the list have garnered a lot of attention.

So, who needs it? Consumers use Award Annals to find quality works. Librarians use it to plan purchases. Students use it for research. Authors and directors brag about being on it. Well, they probably brag about it. Maybe. Anyway, it's useful for some.

Who works on it?


Mostly, Kenny Lucius. He conceived and executed Award Annals in the summer of 2004 because of his unfulfilled desire to buy a good sci-fi book. The sites that listed Hugo and Nebula award winners just weren't set up for browsing. Kenny wanted a list of winners and nominees grouped by year so he could have a month’s worth of reading on one page. He wanted to see the cover art and read a synopsis cross-reference or click all over Amazon. Just one simple page.

Then it snowballed into a database of thousands of hundreds of awards and thousands of honored titles. And now it's a wiki.

So, Kenny is still the largest contributor to the site, but a few people from around the world help out on their favorite awards. More work is needed, and even the smallest contribution is welcome. There are still many literary awards that are not represented, and the film and music portions of the site need research.


Kenny lives in Ellicott City, Maryland, USA.

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