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(1) Now it is written for fitting letter-writing to different chieftains; to kings and grandees and nobles, all victorious; to workers, ever more prosperous; to those who became deserving through all blessings, protectors of the good spirits and helping the country; to those lesser ones blessed memory and 1000 blessings; to servants and underlings, 1000 blessed memories which immortal memory several possess; the greatest respect and greatest love to father or brother or children, or to those who are like father or brother or child.

(2) From the bountiful wealth of the good spirits may you have long-life of healthy body, prosperity of shining exaltation, the eternal connection of good fortune and satisfaction of constancy, and the joy of good fortune and the endless swift-approaching praise, and the great name which shines afar, and the excellent righteousness of soul salvation, and the highest exaltation of oneself being without want by this fortunate body and immortal life from the beginning. Completed with propitiation.

(3) May the good spirits always keep you in the increase of all exaltation, and luster and glory of all honor, and freedom from disease, and joy of all goodness, and perfect wisdom and attainment of desire.

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