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My motto for Avalonia describes a way of thinking which I personally feel to be important for practioners of any formof magick - that of free thinking, uninhibited by religion, culture or tradition for the sake of tradition. This to me is an important part of the way in which I view my own practices and the way I see my personal spiritual path. The resources, articles and information on this website reflects that. It has, and hopefully will continue to inspire and encourage readers towards their own personal way of thinking, working and living.

On this site you will find a wide range of articles, resources and other information. Some of the information will benefit those of you who are completely new to magickal work - in particular that of the Wiccan tradition. Some of it, such as the author interviews and book reviews should be of interest to visitors of all levels of experience.

The site is primarily aimed at those interested in Wicca and related forms of Spirituality - modern and ancient. As such many of the articles, and in particular the Free Lessons, are aimed at encouraging those visitors who are interested to explore Wiccan practises and beliefs through practical application and ritual work. One of the most important things about all forms of sprirituality is that it is experiential, without the experience of the Divine, we cannot fully appreciate the beauty and importance of their existance. Although a tradition, such as those found in Wicca, can provide the framework in which Deity is approached and magick performed, the experience that follows is not something which can be taught - it needs to be experienced!

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