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The Company

AUTO JAROV, founded in 1993, is headquartered in its own multi-showroom retail complex on Osikova Street in Prague 3, Jarov. Additionally, on Rípská Street in Melník, you can visit AUTO JAROV's central Bohemian showroom.

From its inception, AUTO JAROV has focused itself on the sale and service of all cars belonging to the Volkswagen Group; including VW, Audi, Skoda and Seat. Currently a holder of the ISO 9001 certificate of quality and ecological audit, AUTO JAROV continuously strives to widen and enhance the range and depth of its services. At present, more than 380 employees work for AUTO JAROV, which is the leading auto dealership not only in Prague, but throughout the entire Czech Republic.

New Car Sales

AUTO JAROV has all the latest models from VW, Audi, Skoda and Seat located in their own showrooms, comfortably under one roof. What's more, the largest Volkswagen showroom in the Czech Republic was opened at AUTO JAROV in September 2002. At the same time AUTO JAROV opened the exclusive presentation space for the luxurious Volkswagen Phaeton, for which AUTO JAROV is one of only two authorized dealers in the entire country. And for business customers with cargo needs, AUTO JAROV just opened its VW Van showroom in 2003.

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