We developed our website “INTERVIEWS WITH” for one simple reason – to share information, experience and ability.

We created our website to show the insights of many interesting people: the authors, artists, singers, performers, sportsmen and business people.

Why do we think it is important to share our interviews with you?

Well, if you want to get to know a particular person you need to investigate, it could take you a few days, if not more. But if you read just one interview – it will give you a reasonable amount of information, including an ‘inner’ view, in just a few minutes.

We are telling you up front, that all our interviews are informal, friendly and positive; and in many cases – inspirational.

What is the easiest way for you to find a specific interview on our website? The search bar is the best and fastest – just type in the name of an individual, name of a band or name of a venue. However, if you are not looking for specific information – what stops you browsing around and seeing what you can find?

Welcome to our website, you are welcome to leave a comment if you find it helpful or interesting.

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